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Lord Quas by Teebs


Dogs Imitating Sirens: The Supercut

You know when you’re a Dog, hangin’ out doing Dog Stuff and you hear another dog howling at you from far away? And then your owner is like “No, Dog, that is not a dog that’s a Siren” but you just howl back anyway to your new friend? And then your owner decides to film you? Ugh. #ThingsOnlyDogsWillUnderstand



there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like


What it do



Back To Earth, excellent illustrations by Andrew Rae.

Hocus focus

Pups of the Plaza Vol. 1

Huney, lemme show you something. Namaste.

" wut do u mean u forgot the chicken nuggets?"
And I was like Emiiiiliooooo!!! 
New boss at Tin Can. Whoawhoa slowdown and cheese for me

Some za from Big Pete’s baybay

Call me blondie
keep your eyes on the prize