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Dogs Imitating Sirens: The Supercut

You know when you’re a Dog, hangin’ out doing Dog Stuff and you hear another dog howling at you from far away? And then your owner is like “No, Dog, that is not a dog that’s a Siren” but you just howl back anyway to your new friend? And then your owner decides to film you? Ugh. #ThingsOnlyDogsWillUnderstand



there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like


What it do



Back To Earth, excellent illustrations by Andrew Rae.

Hocus focus

Pups of the Plaza Vol. 1

Huney, lemme show you something. Namaste.

" wut do u mean u forgot the chicken nuggets?"
And I was like Emiiiiliooooo!!! 
New boss at Tin Can. Whoawhoa slowdown and cheese for me

Some za from Big Pete’s baybay

Call me blondie
keep your eyes on the prize

Say Feta cheese!